A multi-racial group is laughing in a meeting

Community Groups

COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19, our Community Organizing work has cancelled all in-person meetings and events. We are doing many events virtually and you can find out more by emailing communityorganizing@tndc.org. We look forward to seeing you when we can reopen!


You're invited to be part of a group exercising community power and belong to any of these groups, associations, and committees!

The Community Organizing seeks to improve the SOMA and Tenderloin neighborhoods by engaging with those most directly impacted—neighborhood residents. Our team provides support to residents as they form groups to effect change in the realms of community planning, public safety, open space, retail, public health, racial justice, and other topics. 

A group of people stand outside City Hall with a Chinese Rights Association sign
A multi-racial group gather with voting signs