Aerial over the Mission with construction happening

Building Homes Builds Better Futures


Dated 6.1.2020

Building economic and racial equity is like erecting a building. It's built from the ground up, one brick at a time, and it takes all of us to provide a strong foundation.

Homes are one of the key ways you help us build that foundation.

When you help us build more homes, you rebuild stability and well-being for people with low incomes, especially Black and Brown people, who have been discriminated against for centuries.

Your recent support made it possible to acquire two new sites—730 Stanyan Street and 4200 Geary Street—to build over 200 new homes. With these new projects, we estimate housing nearly 10,000 people by 2024!

Together, we continue to make change through the challenges of the pandemic. Right now, in partnership with the City, the empty lot of 730 Stanyan is being used as a safe sleeping site for people who are unhoused.

Additionally, you’re helping us continue construction on homes for over 800 people across four different buildings in the Tenderloin and the Mission! One of those projects, 1990 Folsom Street, is pictured above.

When people have a place to call home, they have a space to grow, to rest, and to focus on their futures.

Today, racist policies and rules continue to prevent Black and Brown people from that reality and future. Not only are 30% of Black San Franciscans living in poverty, but 37% of Black San Franciscans are without homes even though they only make up 5.2% of the population. 

This is an unjust reality that you are helping us change every day. Thank you for making sure everyone can have a stable and healthy foundation for their future. 

Construction photo of 1990 Folsom