View from rooftop garden at 2828 16th street

Families Move into Casa Adelante - 2828 16th Street


Dated 11.17.2021

Kathleen roller-skates past a stack of unpacked boxes in the living room before sitting down next to her older sister, Lissbeth, on the bottom bunk in their room.

Maria and her two daughters only just moved into their new home at TNDC’s Casa Adelante – 2828 16th Street, but Lissbeth has already customized the wall above her top-bunk with photos and purple letters spelling out her name. 

They’re great kids,” said Maria as she shares how Lissbeth teaches younger kids at their church and wants to be either a teacher, scientist, or engineer when she grows up. 

2828 16th Street, our newest building, provides 143 affordable homes and much-needed space for families in San Francisco—60 of the homes are two-bedroom apartments. Like all TNDC buildings, there's a holistic understanding of what makes a home a home. It's about access to resources as much as it's about four walls and a roof.

The building also includes resources like onsite social work, a rooftop farm for produce, and eventually, onsite affordable childcare through the Felton Institute and two in-home daycares. 

With your support, staff are helping new tenants like Maria move in right now. Already one of the building's social workers, Natalia Sosa, has supported Maria's family with applying for resources, Spanish-English translation, and the overall transition to their new home and neighborhood. 

Lissbeth and Kathleen also love stopping by Natalia's office to say hi to her fish.  Both are eager to have a pet of their own, but first, Maria says with a smile, they need to finish unpacking.

Check your mail, email, and TNDC's website in the coming weeks to read more about Maria's family and two other generations of resilient women, Yahdaeh and Rose, who have found stability in TNDC homes. Stay connected with us so you don't miss out:!

Photo Credit: Felix Uribe Jr.

entryway sign to 2828 16th street
a mother and her two daughters stand outside on the rooftop of 2828 16th street