Aerial over the Mission with construction happening

New Beginnings Coming at Casa Adelante - 1990 Folsom


Dated 10.1.2020

By investing in housing, we’re creating opportunities for people and businesses to continue contributing to San Francisco’s vibrancy.

Casa Adelante - 1990 Folsom, developed in partnership with Mission Economic Development Agency, is a living example of how a building can be designed for a community to thrive. In this case, 1990 Folsom serves families and individuals who contribute to San Francisco's economy and workforce, but are not paid enough to keep up with the City's high rents.

1990 Folsom will help long-standing organizations, Galería de la Raza | Studio 24 and H.O.M.E.Y., remain near the people they serve by occupying the ground-floor spaces of the building.  Galería de la Raza is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting Xicanx/Latinx art and culture. Their "creative place keeping" ethos is rooted in social inclusion and justice, where community arts are central to navigating the complex intersection of urban development, social inequality, affordable housing, and the historical-cultural legacies of communities of color.  H.O.M.E.Y. supports youth and young adults in building their natural leadership skills through civic engagement, empowering friendships, and education.

Having a stable home in a thriving neighborhood means everything – it can predict the likelihood of economic mobility or our ability to support our families in the long run. It can give us the ability to live a longer life, giving some of us a decade more to spend with our loved ones. It can shape our aspirations, our ability to plan, to start new businesses, and give us the freedom to pursue an education.

We all want the opportunity to thrive, to plan for the future, and to set up our children for success in their own lives. It’s up to all of us to make sure that nobody gets left out of that opportunity. Join us to help ensure we do just that!

Galeria de la raza
1990 Folsom under construction October 2020